Nichole Fischer was born in St. Louis, Missouri and has been performing since the age of five. Taking dance classes and gymnastics her interests quickly turned to acting. At the age of eleven Nichole started taking acting lessons and was soon performing in school plays and at local community theatres.

In continuing her dance and combat interests she took classes in belly dancing, kickboxing and period style dancing while in college.

In 2007 Nichole received her BA in Theatre/Performing Arts from Saint Louis University.

Soon after graduating Nichole was cast in the feature films: Alice Upside Down, The Lucky Ones, The Informant and Up in the Air.

Nichole was cast as principal characters in the mini-series The Hunger (in negotiations with IFC), Half (feature trailer) andĀ in the fall of 2010 completedĀ the feature film The Year After Infection, where she was cast as a lead.

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